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cause a sensation

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Our vision

Simple. Beautiful. Successful.
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Your Ad | Your Website

The advertising agency ComMotion is at home both in the beautiful old analogue world of conventional advertising and in the exciting world of websites. This is what the beginning of our name = “com” stands for, as in dotcom.

The second part of the name of our advertising agency = “motion” stands for emotions and things that move. After all, we want to move as much as possible with your advertising or your new website.

The word ComMotion in its entirety means: Awareness. Your advertising measures will stir up emotions and, in the most positive sense of the word, will attract attention, convince, create sympathy and, of course, attract customers.

Our name

ComMotion | Agency for Advertising and Webdesign

Our Vision

Everything can be beautiful, simple AND successful

Our Mission

Your Ad | Your Website

Advertising, website and business equipment by ComMotion

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Business equipment

Simply beautiful Advertising and Websites

The 3 pillars of ComMotion: Simple. Beautiful. Advertising and Websites.


Sure, advertising should be easy. Today we can only consciously perceive around 2% of the information affecting us. This is the price to pay for living in a modern communication society.

Keep it simple is therefore one of the most important principles for successful advertising. For us, simple means: Clear goals, clear text, clear images.

Of course, we don’t offer anything off the shelf, but individual solutions for advertising or websites, your new business card for customers and new customers.


Where do you prefer to shop? In a loveless, dreary shop or in a friendly designed store? You see: That’s why advertising can be beautiful.

The trick is not to lose sight of the most important thing, despite all the love for beauty: the success of your advertising on your new website.

We will work with love for the detail and also find the right one for your advertising and website perfect balance between clarity, beauty and success.

Advertising and Websites

Advertising is emotion. And this is best achieved by proximity. With proximity to your company, with proximity to your offer and of course with attention to detail.

In addition to experience and competence, one of our great strengths is the ability to think your way into your offer and to turn rationality into emotion.

Together with 20 years of experience and up-to-date knowledge, this is the best prerequisite for successful advertising and your new, sensational Internet site.

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Your Ad | Your Website

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