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Individual Course and Online Booking System for WordPress

There are many booking systems on the market. The booking systems often have many advantages. But a disadvantage that should not be neglected is that many booking systems are kept so general that they do not respond to your specifics and individual needs. At ComMotion, we have developed an individual course and online booking system that takes the specifics of your company into account.

Our individual course and online booking system already brings many things with it. We will be happy to implement any further requests together with you, so that in the end you will receive exactly THE booking system that you need. The following features are included in our course and online booking system:


A powerful online shop is part of the booking system and leaves nothing to be desired. You can sell everything from individual cards to mixed cards of 10 to subscriptions.

Utilization indicator

Each course or appointment has a current utilization display. This gives you full control over all appointments.

Customer account

Each customer receives individual access. This means he has an overview of all appointments and bookings and can make purchases in the online shop.

Permanent appointments

You can enter permanent appointments (subscription or permanent place) for certain customers and thus reward your regular customers.

Opening hours and timetable

Depending on the business, you can offer your customers clear opening hours or even a timetable.


You will receive a detailed evaluation and statistics of your sales and all appointments for a period of time that you specify.

With our new online course booking system, we are finally able to offer our customers in the studio a fully integrated booking system on our website. As a result, we have increased the utilization of our courses and have gained significant time savings in administration.

meinPilatesPilates Studio in Staufen near Freiburg

For our ENT clinic in Umkirch we finally have an easy online appointment on our website. Our employees no longer have to arrange all appointments by telephone and therefore do not have as much effort in making appointments.

Dr. Christiane HansenENT doctor with clinic in Umkirch

Benefits of ComMotion’s individual course and online booking system

The advantages are apparent. With a booking system that is perfectly tailored to you, you and your whole team not only gain more time because there is less administrative effort, but you also give your customers a very professional impression. Our booking system can be fully integrated into your existing site on a website with the well-known CMS WordPress. With the online shop, which we can integrate into your website in addition to the booking system, you can sell your products, tickets and your offer online in the future – 24 hours a day.

A nice side effect: With the optional status display, customers can see whether there are still places available and can register for appointments at short notice. This ensures a higher utilization of your courses and appointments in the long term.

Gain of time

You save time because you have less administrative work.

Professional impression

You make a professional impression on your customers with a fully integrated booking system.

Higher occupancy

Due to the constant availability of the booking system, your customers can book in at short notice and thus ensure higher occupancy.

Try the course booking system for free

If your site is already based on WordPress, then you can use our system for free. Download, install and try out the Course Booking System for free on your website.

Download and install the plugin manually or install it via the WordPress website in the backend under Plugins. Search for “Course Booking System” in the plugins library. Click “Install” and WordPress will take it from there.

If you don’t have WordPress (yet), you can also try out a demo online as a trial version of our booking system.

Install now for free

Plugin in the basic version


  • Plugin in WordPress
  • Extension for existing WordPress website
  • Restricted functions
  • No Support

Download now for free

Or try the demo as a trial version

Plugin in the Pro versionBeliebt


per license (297,50 € gross)
  • License for Pro Plugin
  • No running costs
  • Any number of domains
  • Regular updates
  • All included functions in the plugin
  • Email and phone support

Buy Pro License

Installation service


per Website (1.487,50 € gross)
  • Incl. Pro license (250 €)
  • Setting up the whole system
  • With WooCommerce as a shop
  • Holiday settings
  • Creating courses and designations

Request now



per hour (101,15 € gross)
  • Extensions upon request in consultation
  • Development of individual functions
  • Non-binding offer in advance
  • Fair hourly billing

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All prices net excl. 19% VAT

Who is the course and online booking system for?

Our booking system is for anyone who needs an individual booking system. Whether doctor, studio, hairdresser, service provider or retail: Our booking system is for everyone!

  • Doctor
  • Studio
  • Clinic
  • Hairdresser
  • Dance Club
  • Sports Club
  • Educational institution
  • Restaurant
  • Apartment
  • Service provider
  • Retail
  • Rental

FAQ – Frequently asked questions and answers

We have clearly presented frequently asked questions in our FAQ area and answered them for you. If you still have any questions, please send us a message.

Can I test the Course Booking System before purchasing?

Yes, of course. The basic version of the booking system is available free of charge in the WordPress plugin library. If you already use WordPress on your website, you can simply install it for free.

If you don’t have WordPress (yet), you can also try out a demo online as a trial version of our booking system.

Install now for free

Can the system and especially the online shop be adjusted to me and my look? Color choice, possibly fonts?

Yes, the system uses the same theme as the rest of the WordPress site. Thus, the WooCommerce shop automatically adopts the look and feel of the website.

Does the administration also go through trainers and employees? Or do they all need WordPress access?

Trainers and employees can get their own access. This is severely restricted and by no means has the same rights as an administrator. If an employee has been created, this can also be stored as a trainer for a course and is also displayed accordingly on the website in the course schedule.

Can trainers review course listings? Do they have to check/uncheck who wasn't there? What about walk-ins, can they easily be entered into the course so that they are automatically recorded?

Yes, that is possible without any problems. Trainers see the course utilization of their own courses and can remove customers who have not appeared from the course. In this case, however, no credit is credited to the card in the customer account.

Spontaneously appearing customers can still be entered shortly before the start of the course.

Is there an order and invoice overview? Is an invoice created automatically?

Yes, there is an order and an invoice overview. If desired, an invoice can be automatically generated for each order with the order items.

Can the system show the trainer that a customer is booked into a course that still has to pay?

Yes, there is a feature to show customers who haven’t paid for their card yet.

Can texts be automatically created and sent to customers, e.g. a welcome email for new customers?

Yes, emails can be sent to new customers with special information. The text for this e-mail can be freely selected.

Is it possible to send an e-mail to all customers registered in a course at the same time?

Yes, you can email all course participants with just one click. The e-mail program will then open and all e-mail addresses of the participants will be automatically transferred to the BCC field (blind copy).

Is there a customer cancellation and a provider cancellation? Does the customer automatically receive an e-mail if a course has to be canceled?

There is both a customer cancellation and a provider cancellation. The customer is then not automatically notified by e-mail, since the reason and replacement date can often vary. However, all course participants can be contacted with one click (see previous question and answer).

Can my tax advisor access the data?

Yes, that is also possible. The ideal solution depends on the program or interface that the accountant uses or wants to use.

Is there a customer history? Can I see who (employee) booked which product and when, and to whom (customer) confirmation emails were sent?

Yes, as a logged in administrator you can see who booked which course and which employee bought which product on behalf of a customer. As an employee, you only see the utilization of your own courses, not that of others. Emails are always sent. Whether the e-mails arrive is possible, for example, by reading the SMTP protocol.

Can the system cover personal and duo training? Can it represent 30- and 60-minute massages, between which a 15-minute break can be set, for example, and which the customer can book himself in the course calendar?

As long as training and massages take place in firmly defined time windows, the booking system can also manage these appointments. Of course, individually agreed appointments cannot be processed via the booking system (or only with additional effort).

Can newsletter tools like Mailchimp be integrated?

Yes, the course booking system supports all common newsletter tools such as Mailchimp, Newsletter2Go, CleverReach and many more. Newsletter plugins integrated in WordPress, such as MailPoet, are also supported.

Why are no appointments in the future displayed?

One reason for this could be that the columns you have created are not days of the week, but so-called “simple columns”. Please make sure that the weekdays created under Timetable > Columns at the very end of the page are assigned to a day of the week. Then you can also book appointments in the future.

If the problem persists, send us a message and we’ll take a look at the problem for you.

There are no places available in the courses. Why is that?

In the event that no free places are visible in the individual dates of the courses, please make sure that the courses in the backend under Timetable > Events a maximum number of participants is set. If there is no number in the corresponding field, this is evaluated as “0 participants”.

I don't see any way to register for a course or create an account in general. Does this work with the "normal" WP accounts or do I need a WooCommerce account? Or is there a difference at all?

The user accounts for the course booking system are regular WordPress accounts. Also WooCommerce accounts are regular WordPress accounts with user role “Customer”. This user role is also used for our plugin. That is why WooCommerce is also mandatory for using the Course Booking System.

Please make sure that in the backend under WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts & Privacy “Allow customers to create an account on the “My account” page” is checked.

Install now for free

Do you still have questions?

Do you still have unanswered questions or something is unclear? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Simply leave us a message. We will answer your question as quickly as possible.

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