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The functions.php of each child theme in WordPress can be used to customize themes and plugins using filters and hooks. On the one hand, we list all filters and hooks here and give examples of how to use them. The lists and examples are constantly being expanded.

Single course page

The following filters and hooks are available on the single course page:

  • cbs_single_course_before_availability: Parameter $course_id, $date
  • cbs_single_course_after_availability: Parameter $course_id, $date
  • cbs_single_course_before_booking_options: Parameter $course_id, $date
  • cbs_single_course_after_booking_options: Parameter $course_id, $date


Archive course day

The following filters and hooks are available to you on the archive course day:

Git repository

All filters and hooks are also managed by us in a Git repository and updated regularly. You can easily clone a file from here or use it for your project.

All filters and hooks are available in Git Repository


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