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Our course booking engine comes with several shortcodes that you can use to display elements on your site. Currently these shortcodes are included in the course booking system:

Timetable [timetable]

You can use the shortcode [timetable] to display the timetable with all your courses on any page. The shortcode already works without any additional attributes. You can use the shortcode as follows:

Timetable with all courses


Timetable with courses of one (or more) category(s)

[timetable category="1"]

[timetable category="1,2"]

Find out category ID

The value for category must be one (or more) unique ID(s) of a course taxonomy that already exists. To find out the ID of the category please go to the WordPress backend under

Courses > Course Categories

and click on one (or more) desired categories. Then click in the URL bar of your browser. There you will see the ID of the course as a GET parameter at the end of the URL. As an example at the URL


the ID of category is 41.

Timetable with courses in a specific design

[timetable design="list"]

Valid parameters for the design attribute are default, divided, or list.

Timetable with courses on a specific date

[timetable date="2025-06-25"]

Valid parameters for the date attribute is date In the basic format of ISO 8601 YYYY-mm-dd.

Statistics [statistics]

With the shortcode [statistics] you can display an evaluation and statistics about your courses and your bookings.


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