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Would you like to export an evaluation of all courses that have ever taken place as a CSV file or Excel file? No problem. We’ll show you a little trick you can use to evaluate these numbers. This post is divided into the following steps. Click on an area to jump directly to this paragraph:

Open MySQL database via phpMyAdmin

With phpMyAdmin you can access your database comparatively easily without needing any programming knowledge. You can usually open this via your hosting account. If you cannot find your database or phpMyAdmin, please contact your hoster.

Create view

Once you get to the phpMyAdmin interface. Click “SQL” at the top of the tabs.

Here you insert the following SQL query and press the “OK” button.

CREATE VIEW evaluation AS
SELECT COUNT(wp_mp_timetable_bookings.user_id) AS attendance, date, post_title, event_start, event_end FROM wp_mp_timetable_bookings JOIN wp_mp_timetable_data ON(wp_mp_timetable_bookings.course_id = JOIN wp_posts ON(wp_mp_timetable_data.event_id = wp_posts.ID) GROUP BY date, course_id

This SQL query creates a view. You can now easily find and click on this view called “evaluation” in the sidebar on the left.

Note: If you are using a different database prefix than “wp_” in WordPress, please adjust all instances of it in the query above.

Export CSV

Now that the view is created, you can always reach and click on it from the sidebar on the left. As soon as you get to the view, you can already see the numbers for the individual courses on all dates.

You can now export the entire view via the “Export” tab at the top. Choose the format you want and confirm your selection with the button below.

We recommend the CSV format for the export, as this is very easy to open in Excel (Windows) or Numbers (Mac, iPad and iPhone).

We hope the instructions have helped you so that you can evaluate your data. If everything went well, or if you have any questions or difficulties, please let us know in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you.


Maxim is the owner of ComMotion and your contact for all advertising agency services in the Stuttgart area. His core competence lies in web development with WordPress, WooCommerce and search engine optimization. He is also a passionate sailor and coffee drinker.

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